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Adult Fitness at the Pinnacle

This week I tried Adult Fitness, a class that combines cardiovascular conditioning with strength and core training and flexibility. The class is held around the base of the climbing pinnacle at Buchanan Rec Center.

John Krane was the teacher (filling in for Susan Wescott). He had us each set up with a mat, a couple sets of dumbbells (light and heavy) and a step. He explained that this week we were going to do Tabata, which apparently means 20 seconds of intensity interspersed with ten seconds of recovery, four sets for each activity.
And then he started right in. The class moved quickly and I didn’t have a great view from the other side of the Pinnacle. He mixed u it up: squats, box jumps, jumping jacks, lunges with weights, push-ups, crunches, planks (which is holding the top of a pushup), side-to-side using the steps (which I imagine is great for downhill skiing), jogging in place, and more.
The woman next to me told me that Susan, the usual teacher, has been doing a “Plank Challenge” …

Guest Blogger: Barbara Binder on Ashtanga Yoga with Griffin Litwin

Ashtanga Yoga with Griffin Litwin

I walked into my first ever yoga class at the Buchanan Rec Center in September of 2013. All I wanted to do was add a little stretching into my exercise routine. Instead, I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga by Evergreen’s newest certified instructor, Griffin Litwin. Yes, there’s plenty of stretching in Griffin's classes, but there’s so much more. I was completely surprised by what a great workout one can have in an Ashtanga class, and by how fabulous I felt walking out of every session.

When I attended that class in September, I was still recovering from several leg surgeries (most recently an ACL replacement) and dealing with a significant amount of pain. Griffin brings a solid understanding of anatomy to his yoga classes, and was able to help me increase my strength and flexibility while keeping my knee protected. It was quite a surprise that just a month after I began practicing, I was able to walk comfortably with scuba tanks and weights strapped o…