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It's Starting to Work

A funny thing happened last week. I didn't stagger home after Friday's Adult Fitness class. I walked -- with a little spring in my step, in fact!

Then, on Saturday at Mary Jane, instead of skiing with legs screaming in pain, I skied with more energy and stamina than I can remember. Eight runs. Ten. Twelve. Moguls. Trees. Faster! My husband was exhausted, but I couldn't stop.

Wow. I guess this is what EPRD's Fitness Classes are supposed to do. I just had to hang in there a few weeks to start feeling the effects.

The classes themselves still whip my butt, but the pain and effort are easier to manage, now that I am experiencing positive results. And I even have the energy during class to engage in some of the patter. I'm starting to get some nice little biceps, too! And my tummy seems to be sticking out a little less.

Try it! I challenge you to take two classes a week for the next three weeks and tell me how you feel. Leave your comments here!

Back for more

Adult Fitness this past Monday hurt so good for two days afterward -- my arms, my abdominals, my quads, my glutes -- that I went back to Buchanan Park Rec Center for more this morning.

Susan took us through a totally different workout, doing lower body, then upper body, then core -- 25 reps apiece of many exercises, including backward and sideways lunges, "mountain climbers," weight work, balance work, jumping jacks, a variety of sit ups and crunches, and more. Then we did the whole thing again, 10 reps each. A little yoga was thrown into the mix -- sun salutations, which include plank and downward dog and feel as though they are stretching and strengthening every muscle from your neck to the bottom of your feet (because they are). She also added some general stretching at the end.

Susan does NOT cut us any slack; she works your body to the edge.

It was tough. I know I will feel it tomorrow. One woman in the class told me she has more energy since starting the class. "I…

Adult Fitness Monday mornings

I'm discovering that the greatest way to start the work week is with EPRD's Adult Fitness class, Monday mornings at 6:30 and 8 am at the base of the Pinnacle at Buchanan. I've started going there right from carpool drop-off.

Susan leads an invigorating, difficult class that keeps my heart pumping and makes me work up a sweat. She changes up the workout each week, so you never know what you're going to get. This week it was Tabata -- 20 seconds of intensity interspersed with 10 seconds of rest -- incorporating strength, flexibility, cardio, core work and flexibility work.

My legs were shaking a little when I walked out of there. Try it!

Fitting Fitness Into your Life

With work, play, commuting, kids and all the activities in your life, it's hard to fit fitness into your busy day! So here are some creative ideas:

Work out on the way to work. The Wulf swimming pool opens at 5:45 am, and some classes start at 6:30 am. And the weights room at both Rec Centers offer cardio equipment and a variety of resistance machines and free weights that you can use anytime.If you work in Evergreen, try Happy Hour lunchtime fitness deals. Get your whole office involved! It's healthy for everyone -- much better than grabbing a burger and eating at your desk.Drop the kids off at school, then head to Buchanan or Wulf. A number of classes start at 8:15 or 9:15 am, the perfect starting time for a busy parent.Work out on the way home. Tell yourself your work day isn't complete until you have exercised.Head to the weight room while your kids are in a gymnastics or swimming class.Try standup paddleboarding on Sunday morning before church.Take the kids to Evergre…