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Healthy Living! for March from EPRD

EPRD Healthy Living Newsletter    /    March 2016 Welcome, Spring! It's the start of the warm, sunny season when we want to be fit and strong so we can do so many fun things -- hiking, biking, climbing, playing sports, swimming and so much more! But with busy schedules, family responsibilities and work, finding the time and motivation to work out can be difficult. If you can find a partner or join a group with designated workouts and established meeting times, you'll find sticking to a routine much easier. Signing up for a class is a great way to start. EPRD has a huge array to choose from! Learn more about classes in the Rec Centers and even in the pool!
Healthy BodyImprove Running With Kettlebells If you're only logging miles on the road but skipping strength sessions, consider kettlebells. Because it takes more than just running to prepare for competition! Use kettlebells to swing, squat and snatch your way to perform your best at your next race, says (EPRD…