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Staying Fit On Vacation

Summertime vacation trips can present a challenge when it comes to keeping fit, but with resilience, advance planning, a smartphone, an alarm clock and a little luck, you can succeed in not only staying fitbut having some of your most unique holiday experiences while exercising!

Making New Discoveries Through Running
Your phone may not work in a foreign country, but GPS is another story. The EPRD Blogger was in Europe for two weeks in July, with running shoes and clothes packed and Google Maps and the RunKeeper app in my Android phone. I discovered St. Martin's Canal half a mile from my hotel. I had to set the alarm to be done before the rest of my traveling companions awoke, but it was a small price to pay for the glorious runs along this little-known canal. And if I got lost, the maps in the apps could lead me back to my hotel. (I also discovered a delightful croissant and coffee shop on the way home.)

Moving on to an apartment in Montmartre, just navigating the sixth-floor walk-up…

Yoga on a Lake on a Sunny Summer Morning

My Definition of Paradise This morning the EPRD Blogger tried Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga on Buchanan Ponds. It was free on July 21, a special activity to mark National Park and Recreation Month. Every paddleboard EPRD owns was taken by a curious yogi, even children! Yoga on a lake on a sunny summer morning is my definition of paradise, and a lot of people agreed.