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EPRD's Healthy Living! for August: Back-to-School Edition

Welcome to the Back-to-School Edition of Evergreen Park & Rec District's Healthy Living! newsletter!

Whether you have kids in school, are an empty nester or have no kids at all, you can't help but notice the change in Evergreen's character once the new school year begins. We see quieter Rec Centers during the day, boats on the lake on weekends only, morning and afternoon drop-off traffic jams, and new time commitments for school activities that keep everyone hopping. Here are some ideas for keeping the whole family healthy and balanced when the school year starts!
Healthy Body Take Care of Yourself This School Year Parents: For parents, the school year brings the added stress of homework, extracurricular activities, waking up early, and carpooling. Schedules are packed and personal time harder to find. How do you take care of yourself? Breaking Muscle has a few ideas, as does the EPRD website
Kids: Keep the kids fit with Evergreen P…