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Getting Started with Weigh and Win

The EPRD Blogger has signed up for Weigh and Win, EPRD's new program with Centura Health to help you keep your 2017 fitness and weight loss resolutions.
It was easy! You can go online to, or visit the kiosk at Buchanan Park Rec Center and sign up there. A health coach will be at Buchanan on Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2017 to help you get signed up.
I stepped on the scale (in privacy; no one could see, thank God) and it recorded my weight and took a picture of me. Now I will need to weigh in occasionally and track my weight loss progress. in a few months another picture can show my progress. Before and after!
A follow-up email from Weigh and Win took me through the steps of finishing registration, and informed me that I am already a healthy weight -- hooray! I also had the option to sign up for daily emails (categories nutrition, exercise or inspiration) to help me keep going.
It was easy! Sign up for Weigh and win today and start your path to a healthy lifestyle!

Second weigh-…

Get Healthier and Lose Weight with Weigh and Win!

Making a New Year's Resolution to lose weight and live healthier in 2017? EPRD has partnered with Weigh and Win to help you achieve success!
Weigh and Win is a FREE community program that pays you to achieve or maintain a healthy weight.
To get you started on the right foot, a health coach from Weigh and Win will staff a booth at Buchanan on Tuesday, January 10, from 9 AM-12 PM to help you get signed up. EPRD and Weigh and Win will then support you throughout the year with personal coaching, emails, texts and other tools.
Learn all about the program at
Will you join the EPRD Blogger in signing up? You don't need to lose weight to participate -- just have a desire to have a healthier lifestyle.
Cheers to a happier, healthier 2017!

EPRD Healthy Living newsletter for December 2016

Winter and the holidays are a deadly combination for fitness and health aficionados. It's hard to maintain a workout routine while doing all that holiday shopping, wrapping, invitation signing, Christmas partying, cookie baking and eggnog drinking. It's even harder to maintain your weight when presented with tasty treats from every front. And who doesn't want to indulge a little? This newsletter offers a few suggestions for navigating the season. New Year's ResolutionsOf course, there's always 2017, when EPRD unveils Weigh and Win, a program that actually pays you to lose weight and get healthier!
Fulfill your fitness and weight loss resolutions with this new weight-loss program that actually pays you to lose weight. The Weigh and Win kiosk is in the lobby at Buchanan Park Rec Center -- check it out! Or join us on Tue., Jan. 3, from 9 AM -12 PM, when a health counselor will be on hand to help you sign up and launch your exciting journey to health! (Must have at least…