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EPRD Healthy Living for January 2017

EPRD Healthy Living for January 2017How are your New Year's fitness resolutions going? Evergreen Park & Rec is committed to helping you fulfill them this year. We have two programs going on this winter to give you incentive - and maybe even earn you cash or prizes! February Bingo Fitness Challenge On Wednesday, Feb. 1, EPRD launches the February Bingo Challenge. Participate in a variety of classes and programs, fill out your Bingo card, and compete to win weekly prizes and a Grand Prize (such as passes, massages and fitness classes). Sign up at either Rec Center front desk to get your Bingo cards! Weigh & Win Weigh and Win, which started Jan. 3, actually pays you to lose weight and get healthier! The Weigh and Win kiosk is by the fireplace at Buchanan Park Rec Center -- check it out and launch your exciting journey to health! (Must have at least 25% BMI to be paid, but anyone can participate.)
Healthy Body Carbs During Workouts May Fend Off Colds Until recently, many scientis…

EPRD Blogger Tries a New Class - STRONG by Zumba

These windy days and colder temperatures are driving the EPRD Blogger into the Rec Centers in search of ways to maintain overall fitness in a more comfortable environment. Today she tried STRONG, by Zumba, taught by EPRD fitness instructor Regan Jones.

Just ... wow.
Let me be clear here. I have tried Zumba, and enjoyed it, but it is so fast and the dance moves so intricate that the coordination-challenged EPRD Blogger is always a couple of steps behind. More than a couple, really. I like the distraction of the music to keep me from thinking about the pain in my body and to help me push harder. But I often find myself missing entire Zumba sequences while I stand there trying to figure out what's going on, simultaneously dodging flailing arms and legs all around me.

STRONG by Zumba™ combines high intensity interval training with the science of Synced Music Motivation. In every class, music and moves sync in a way that pushes you past your perceived limits, to reach your fitn…