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Healthy Living from EPRD for August

Healthy Living from EPRD for August

Get Inside!
The calendar may say it’s still summer, but the return of kids to school reminds us fall is fast approaching. For many, the impending cooler weather and busy school schedule makes carving out time for a workout difficult. EPRD can help! We have state-of-the-art cardio and weight equipment at both Wulf and Buchanan Park Rec Centers, a huge variety of fitness classes, and Playschool and before- and after-school care to give parents time to exercise. We even have a back-to-school special that ends today. Take advantage! Healthy Body Fitness Trends The best fitness trends of the year, so far. (Try EPRD’s Acro!) Healthy Family Learn to Swim The craze of baby neck floats is dangerous – kids should learn to swim instead. Healthy Mind Think Positive How to turn negative thinkers into positive ones.  Healthy Eating Sugar Secrets Trying to cut down on sugar? It’s hiding everywhere. Healthy Aging Joy of Aging The decades after 60 could be your best years. Healthy Gi…

EPRD Meyer Ranch 5-Miler Results

It was all in the family for last Saturday's Meyer Ranch 5-Miler.
Michael Medsker won Evergreen Park & Recreation District's trail race in Conifer in a blistering 48 minutes. Trina Ehrenberg, his mother, was the first woman finisher in 55:27.
Thirty-three people registered and 15 ran the third race in the Evergreen Trail Racing Series, a five-race series of running events on mountainous terrain around scenic Evergreen.
A mother-daughter pair finished together to take third among women, and each won her age group - Avalin Sapien (F10-19) and Mya Sapien (F30-39), both in 1:06:48.
Results here.
(Photos by Diana Griffin,

How Disabled People Can Stay Active

By Guest Blogger Travis White

Playing sports and staying active is natural to people. More than that, it’s basically a necessity. There are the obvious physical benefits to staying active such as getting fit, building muscles, and avoiding obesity. But there are mental benefits as well. Learning teamwork and how to rebound after a loss are vital life skills.
But many people with disabilities think that opportunity is closed to them. They think that, because they are differently abled, they cannot participate in sports and similar activities. Thankfully, that is simply not the case. Sure, being disabled means you may not be able to do exactly what other people do. But with some accommodations and a little help, you can stay active even if you have a disability.  The Benefits Of Activities Some people look at activities like sports and just think they’re an amusing way to spend the time. That’s true, but staying active has many more benefits than just avoiding boredom.
In terms of physic…