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EPRD's Healthy Living Newsletter for November

Preventing Holiday Havoc The holidays are such a tumultuous time. Yes, the season can be wonderful: Eating mouthwatering feasts, getting and giving gifts, traveling to exciting destinations, spending time with family. But it can also wreak havoc on your health and fitness. 

How Physical Fitness Helps Those in Addiction Recovery

Maintaining a Long-Term Healthy Routine
By Guest Blogger Travis White
Due to all the wear and tear put on the body by substance and alcohol abuse, many
people who suffer addiction typically feel tired, depleted and often depressed. When
you’re trying to incorporate a healthier way of living, as a recovering addict, these
changes don’t come without their share of difficulties. However, true health is possible
by incorporating these tips for a well-lived life.
Create An Exercise RegimenAccording to Newton’s Law, a body in motion stays in motion, and this rings true for exercise. On those days when you feel like doing nothing, this action settles into the rest of your day because your body has become used to being sedentary. However, when you get into the inertia-building movement of fitness, you obtain the energy to keep going. Over time, this momentum keeps building and before you know it you’ve developed quite the routine.

Exercise has profound benefits for the body, such as increased energy,…

Weigh and Win Healthy Holidays Challenge!

On average, Americans gain one to two pounds every holiday season - which they never lose. Over time, those pounds add up! Let’s make this holiday season a healthier one, together, and enjoy the holidays with balance and maintain your weight this holiday season.
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Complete a pre-holiday weigh-in between Nov. 15 and 22, 2017, and a post-holiday…