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Help EPRD Envision the Future of the Evergreen Lake North Trail

Evergreen Park & Recreation District (EPRD) invites you to attend a  Public Meeting Thursday, Jan. 11 to discuss our vision for the future of the Evergreen Lake North Trail.  The meeting will be held from 5-7 PM at Buchanan Park Recreation Center (Bergen Peak Room), 32003 Ellingwood Trail, Evergreen, CO 80439.
The District will discuss its vision for the trail's future, present long-term alternatives and solicit community input. EPRD will also provide background about the trail, including: what happened to force its closure, what has been going on since then, what the District has done to improve the trail, plans for the future. A follow-up public meeting is planned for March.
First, a little background ...
Short-Term Fix
As you probably know, the trail section between Upper Bear Creek Road and the Evergreen Dam along Highway 74 was reopened Nov. 30 after being closed for more than a year and a half due to instability. 
So yes, you can use the trail ... for now. This short-term fix …

Evergreen Lake Skating Opens Friday, Dec. 29

The Ice Rink on Evergreen Lake opens Friday, Dec. 29! Opening day hours are 8 AM-8 PM.  It's school break, so bring the kids to the lake to enjoy these winter days on the ice.

The ice is 12 inches thick, so Evergreen Park & Recreation District's (EPRD) ice maestros can flood the rink with water to get a smooth frozen surface. They can't start using the Zamboni until the ice depth reaches 16 inches, so expect a few bumps.
An Incredible RinkSkating on Evergreen Lake is an unforgettable experience. EPRD operates the world's largest Zamboni-groomed outdoor ice rink, a stunning 8.5-acre stretch of ice with 11 pond hockey rinks and a huge public skating rink,  just a half hour from downtown Denver. This magnificent field of ice is spectacularly situated amid ponderosa pine-covered mountains and Evergreen Golf Course, and a short walk to downtown Evergreen on the Evergreen Lake Trail. 

Admission and skate rental prices are reasonable, and participants can escape the wintery …

Evergreen Lake North Trail is OPEN ... thanks to EPRD's Parks Department!

Meet Heart Cameron, EPRD's Park Operations Manager. 
Heart and his crew, working with the Evergreen Metropolitan District, are the reason the Evergreen Lake Trail between Upper Bear Creek Road and Evergreen Dam along Highway 74 is finally open! 
They have been working diligently to replace a bin wall (a U-shaped underground support structure) that had crumbled almost completely to dust because of 30 years of use and a lot of water, leaving the trail unsupported and unsafe. 
They also set anchors to complete maintenance on the handrails and resurfaced the trail. 
What's that in Heart's hand in the picture below? The last remaining bit of bin wall. We may mount it on the wall at Park Ops HQ!
This Should Last a While But it's not over. This is a creative short-term solution that gets the trail open for the community.  We may still need to do maintenance from time to time on the trail, so expect occasional short closures. 
EPRD continues to work on the planning phases of …