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Healthy Living from EPRD for June 2018

July is Park & Rec Month!The Evergreen Park & Rec District Board of Directors this week declared this July is Park & Recreation Month, with the theme A Lifetime of Discovery. Explore the “undiscovered” roles of local parks and recreation with a variety of fun activities planned for residents of all ages and abilities. Read all about it here. Healthy Giving Peace of Mind Volunteering is good for your mental health. Healthy FamilyFamily Travel Traveling with kids gets a bad rap. Make it great! Healthy Aging Abs of your Dreams You’re never too old to get a strong core. It just takes commitment! Healthy EatingOptimal Eating What are the benefits of eating healthy? Healthy Mind Namaste Why does yoga make you calm?  (EPRD has yoga classes at Evergreen Lake House and Alderfer Barn in summer.  Healthy Body Boost Your Metabolism Why do our metabolisms differ, and can we change ours? EPRD Fitness Classes EPRD has a large variety of classes at Buchanan Park and Wulf Rec Centers to help you meet your …

Elk Meadow Trail Race 5k & 10k Results

Eleven-year-old Lucy Voss won the Elk Meadow 5K in a blistering 22 minutes flat on Saturday, June 2, 2018, in Elk Meadow Open Space Park. Stephen James Schneider, 31, was the first male to finish the race on a sunny, perfect racing day, in 26:27.

Henry Dodwell, 42, won the 10K race in 45:42. The first woman finisher was 33-year-old Amber Miller in 55:44.10K Results
Complete Race Results
MALEFEMALEMale 20-29Ryan Platek (46:20)
Richard Clayton Wilks (54:24)
Alex Wickham (55:01)Female 20-29Maddy Wilks (1:03:19)
Annsley Beith (1:07:10)
Nicole Brennan (1:15:24)Male 30-39David Staley (52:15)
Nick Leuck (52:43)
Matt Buzas (52:49)Female 30-39Amber Miller (55:44)
Jenny McKenzie (57:18)
Kathryn Jantz (58:27)Male 40-49Henry Dodwell (45:42)
Mario Alberto Estrada (47:44)
Geoff Miller (49:07)Female 40-49Jean Knapp (57:26)
Jodi Crutchfield (1:01:56)
Lori Bryan (1:06:20)Male 50-59Jeffrey Scott Ross (51:36)
William Henry (54:06)
Russell Kutzman (59:09)Female 50-59Valerie Shockley (1:07:45)
Abigail J Boss…