Healthy Living from EPRD for Aug-Sept 2018

Healthy Living from EPRD for Aug-Sept 2018 

Women's Wellness Series

This fall, Evergreen Park & Rec is offering several classes to help help women in the mountain community stay healthy from the inside out! Classes include:
  • Empower Your Health: Gut Health - Uncover the connection between disease and the gut, and learn how to nurture and support it.
  • Chronic Inflammation - Chronic Inflammation is arguably one of our biggest health risks. Learn how to cool the inflammation for optimal wellness.
  • All Stressed Out - Understand how stress works in the body and what action you can take to reduce your body’s stress response and build resiliency.

Adult Adventures

EPRD's Fall Outdoor Adventure and Cultural Excursions programs for adults are starting soon. Ride the EPRD bus to a new experience, whether it's cross country skiing or visiting a museum!

Healthy Giving

Give for a Good Marriage
Want a happy marriage? Science says couples should do these 7 things for each other often.

Healthy Family

Evergreen Kids Tri Sunday
The Evergreen Kids Triathlon is this Sunday, Aug. 19. Bring the kids (5-13) and cheer them on!
(Source: EPRD) 

Healthy Mind

Your Brain on Exercise
Exercise is as good for your brain as it is for your body, and researchers are just beginning to discover why.
(Source: Outside Online)

Healthy Aging

Live Well Over 50
This guitar is helping him live better. Enjoy these tips to eat healthy, stay fit and live well as you age.

Healthy Eating

Keys to a Healthy Diet
Developing healthy eating habits isn’t as hard as you think. Here are guidelines!

Healthy Body

Practical Weight Loss
How do you lose weight quickly and safely, and then keep it off?


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